Triangle Calculator

    ✅What is Triangle?

    A triangle is a polygon with three corners and three sides. It is one of the basic shapes in geometry. The corners, also called vertices, are zero-dimensional points, while the sides connecting them, also called edges, are one-dimensional line segments.

    Here are some important formulas related to Triangle:

    Perimeter of a Triangle:

    👉Formula: P = A + B + C

    Where A,B,C is the vertex Side of the Triangle.

    👉Example: If the sphere has a SideA is 2, SideB is 3 and SideC is 4, then the perimeter would be P = A + B + C = 11.

    Area of a Triangle:

    👉Formula: A = 1 / 2 * (breadth * height)

    Where 1,2 is the Constant, breadth is a width and height is a height of side.

    👉Example: If the sphere has a breadth is 2 and height is 5, then the perimeter would be A = 1 / 2 * (breadth * height) = 5.

    These formulas can be used to find the area and perimeter of any triangle.